Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Roasty Toasty...

Yep, all those folks that were complaining a few months back about wanting it to hurry up and get summertime... I hope you're happy now! 

With triple digit heat, and the index suspected of getting over 110° today, everyone is grumbling and looking for a cool spot out of the blistering rays... muttering phrases like "I'll sure be glad when winter gets here".  There's no pleasing us, I reckon.

But despite the warmth, there are still things to be done outside; chores that won't wait until the temperature decides to take a dip.  The garden still needs tending to... and if you're like us, it needs daily watering because the rainfall we were getting earlier in the year seems to have vanished as mysteriously as the lightning bugs.  There are all those outside things that need doing before the calendar pages flip by and we find ourselves in the grip of Old Man Winter again.

So how DO we stay cool during these scorching days other than hibernate inside if we're lucky enough to have air conditioning?  Necessity is indeed the mother of invention, and as the mercury goes up on the John Deere thermometers... folks get more and more creative. 

Since living country requires us to head outside, we find ways of cooling down inside and out... and those ways can be downright... well, cool!  Here's a few of the ways we use to battle the heat during the heart of summer...

Keep a pitcher of cold iced tea or lemonade made up.  I use fresh mint leaves for making mint tea as well.

Watermelon kept chilled to perfection for a cool treat in the afternoons.  The leftover juice I even add to my mason jar of tea for sipping.

Wetting a towel, rag or old sock to drape over heads, shoulders or around necks when working outside.

Drinking plenty of cool water... even from the hose if necessary just to stay hydrated.

Is there much that can beat a batch of homemade ice cream?  Especially if it's made up from ripe in season peaches?

Fixing up meals that can be eaten cold... and even better, meals that don't require cooking and heating up the house.

If you don't HAVE to be in the sun, locate a shady spot to work from outside.  No need baking if you don't have to. 

Squirt yourself with the hose if you need some extra moisture and try to find a  good breeze. 

Even outdoors, if you have to set up a fan where you're working, air movement is good.

There are many many more ways to take a break from the roasty toasty dog days of summer.  And if you have suggestions, you're welcome to comment and share them with us. 

Meanwhile, I think I'll take advantage of my favorite way of beating the heat... I'm heading to the swimming hole!  Until next time... live country!

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