Saturday, August 27, 2011

Shortening Days

We've made it past the zenith of summertime, and now the sight of yellow school buses and shortening days are a reminder that the summer of 2011 is winding down. 

This summer has been quite an event.  The springtime had brought the heavy rains, but boy... when summer came, it came with a vengence.  The rain stopped.  The sun came out, and the mercury climbed until it looked like the thermometer might need stretching to have room for it all.

I had waited to plant my garden because it had remained cool and tremendously wet until late this year, and then once I did get it in the ground, it fried under the relentless searing it took.  So, out those plants came and I put in a late garden... then reverted to watering each day to try to keep everything alive.  I'm certain that I've spent more in water than it would have cost to have bought them from the store; but with my plants, I know they have not been exposed to any poisons or nasty stuff that would eventually end up in our meals. 

Now my tomatoes have marble to golfball size fruits... the okra are about two inches long... the bell peppers are getting good size as well.  Also, the canteloupe and watermelons are coming right along, with little fruits scattered all over... rivaled only by the pumpkin vines that seem to be competing with the others.  The only plant that never seems to hesitate is my zucchini.  It grows and grows; spitting out squash right and left.  Some may turn up their nose at zucchini, but I love them because to me there's few things more versatile than a  zucchini squash.

After piddling outside in the garden, pulling up a chair on the porch is a fine way to spend an evening after the heat of the day has passed.  The ducks paddle around on the still pond... and bats start their nightly patrol.

Wait... off in the distance the clouds build.  Could it be... is it possible... ?  Ah yes, stormclouds rising and painting the sky with an ever-changing canvas.  I believe I'll fix me a cup of coffee and lean back... then just enjoy my view from the front row seat. 

Ahhh.... living country. 

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