Monday, July 4, 2011

Summertime... Summertime...

It has been quite a while since we've last visited.  The snow has long passed and the sweltering heat of summer makes us forget that we once prayed for warmer weather to return.  Now, after days of upper 90s and even one day touching 100 degrees, the thought of cooler weather is often dwelt upon.  There truly is no way in making us happy.

However, I am smiling widely as I write this.  After weeks of dragging the water hose around to provide a drink to all the grateful plants in the yard and garden, I won't have to do this today as the heavens open and give us the much needed rain.  The temperature of 68 degrees is also a welcome relief and we won't complain about it at all!

Remember all those dreams of gardening and the poring over catalogs that was occurring while I was in the grip of winter?  I am happy to report that I now have at least a start on my dream of one day having a yard that is completely filled with flowers, herbs, trees and vegetables. 

A raised rock bed was the first project, and once finished was filled with dill, rosemary, mint, sage, thyme and onions.  Partially shaded by a towering oak, it perks along merrily and provides wonderful flavors to our simple menus.

For now, until I can get more raised beds built, my garden is a conglomeration of beds, tubs, buckets and tires... all filled with vegetables and flowers to please both the palate and sight.  Each day I take great pleasure in tending to them, though I must say it takes little effort as there is no weeding to do. 

The insects are controlled by  the ducks that took over one of the tires as a nest; scooting out the cauliflower plants in the process.  But I can sacrifice a few cauliflower in exchange for the ladies that pluck beetles and crickets from the leaves each day, as well as give us fresh eggs.  Not a bad trade-off.

I promise it will not be so long before the next post... that time will not get away from me as it has.  I enjoy sitting with you a spell and hope to do it again soon.  Happy living country!

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