Monday, January 31, 2011

Wishing for Warmth

Turning on the television this morning resulted in the latest news of an incoming winter storm system headed our way.  Predicted is 6 to 12 inches of snow with the possibility of freezing rain arriving first.  So... there's only one thing to do.

Pull out my stack of seed catalogs.

I'm not certain how the rest of the world handles news of cold weather, but for me there is only one cure for the winter blues.  Okay, maybe there's two... because a cup of hot tea, coffee or cocoa is also not bad in the way of lifting my blahs.  But compared to my masses of seed catalogs, those steaming cups are amateurs.

Those rays of glossy paged sunshine begin arriving around November and I think I get every publication from every nursery that exists in North America.  My spouse shakes his head at my fasicination with the pretty pictures and the detailed descriptions of each variety.  I can curl up and pore over them with the intensity that I also give another favorite read of mine... cookbooks.

I find my most favorite spot on the couch and gather the stack of shiny magazines around me.  The rest of the day will be lost to juicy tomatoes, sugary sweet watermelons and bright blossoms.  There will be grand dreams of what could... should... would... be come warmer weather.  I'll make lists and check them twice... change them umpteen times... then in the end they will be lost or thrown away or new lists will replace those.

Regardless, I will while away the hours... smiling, hoping and planning for the future... which is what it's all about anyway.  Because now that I think about it... I don't think I've ever actually ordered anything out of the catalogs. 

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