Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What "living country" Means

Living country... the  meaning is as varied as those who do it or dream of it.  For me, it is not just an activity I dabble in, but a lifestyle and tradition ingrained in me by centuries of a culture passed down by those that have gone before.

Born in the Southern US, in Western NC, and then from my teens growing up in the pineywoods of East Texas, I come from a long line of "country folk" who first arrived on this continent in the 1640s.  These ancestors learned to use the resources around them and rely on their ingenuity to carve out not only an existence in this new world, but to create lives and ways that would be carried forth by their descendants proudly.

With this blog I hope to pass along some of those things to others; to share those things handed down to me before they are lost. 

It is my wish that this blog bring you smiles and a desire to "live country".

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  1. Maybe someday my life will slow down enough to accommodate good country living. Just because one's home is in the country, it doesn't mean we are "country living."


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