Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What's in Your... Cabinets?

Most of us have seen the television commercial with the catch-phrase "What's in your wallet?".  Looking in mine, I find three pennies, a gum wrapper, a piece of lint and some seeds I found in a large pod that I think I've identified as belonging to a Honey Locust tree.

However, it's not my wallet that I am looking at this morning; it is my kitchen cabinets.  I have decided to get an early start on Spring and begin my cleaning early.  Thinking that the kitchen cabinets would be a logical place to start, I stand before them and take stock of what's in them.  I've made the determination that I will not have to worry about any major magazine coming  to take glamor shots of the contents unless they are doing a piece on how not to decorate if you like fancily matched glasses and tableware. 

Staring at my eclectic blend of mason jars used for summer tea glasses, plastic cups and mugs, a mixture of pottery plates alongside outdoor picnic plates, and storage bowls that are a mixture of reused sour cream containers and "disposable" containers, I take a deep breath and wonder if everyone's cabinets look like mine.  I'm pretty sure they don't, because I know they don't look like any of the glossy photographs I see in the magazines.

I make a resolution that I'm going to change this, and begin by emptying the cabinets to the kitchen table.  Now, I've accomplished uncluttering the cabinets and making my table look like the free table at a yard sale.  Where to begin?  I think I'll toss out everything that doesn't look like those in the photographs.  After several moments thought of which things go first, I again reach a determination...

If I toss out everything that doesn't look like the photographs, we'll be eating out of our hands and storing leftovers in ziplock bags.  Insert heavy sigh here...

There's only one thing left to do. 

Replace items back into the cabinet, but trying to fool myself into thinking that by making it appear more organized would somehow magically change the items and make them look more... presentable.

Ah well, maybe next Spring...

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